What Works for Whom in Corrections? Policies, Practices & Practicalities (1995)

The following conference papers are available upon request by email.

Speakers Paper
Brian Noad Overview of Policies, Practices and Current Provision of Education and Training for Inmates in NSW Correctional Centres
Chris Manners  Overview of Education and Training in Northern Territory Correctional Institutions
Ken Penaluna State Overview, Victoria
Bernard Meatheringham Development of Offender Education Services in SA
Clement Wright Education and Training in Western Australian Prisons: A Brief Overview
Ronia McDade Jurisdictional Overview: ACT
Michael Airton Queensland Corrections: Policies, Practices and Practicalities
Sally Dabner Education and Training in the Tasmanian Prison System 1995
David Denborough Becoming Squarehead, Becoming Gubba
Michael Cunniff CGEA: Bringing an Integrated Approach to Adult Literacy and Numeracy to Victorian Prisons
Carmel Fitzgerald Vocational Education and Training: A Model for Young Women in Custody
Ray Dormer Impressions of the CEA Conference, San Francisco, 1995
Peter de Graaff  Working for PRAXIS
John van Groningen The Impact of Privatisation on the Delivery of Vocational Education and Training Programs to the Corrections System in Victoria
Liz Moore From Bricks to Buses: International Perspectives on Imprisonment
Brian Fairman &
Ron Wilson
Community/TAFE Partnerships in Education and Training
Ken Watt Working Together for a Working Nation
Vicky Barrett Aboriginal Education: Implementation and Issues
Alan Brooker  Music: A Catalyst for Success – The ‘In-House Music’ Experience
Deirdre Hyslop The Gasping Marshes
Marty Burgess The Junee Experiment: Prisoner Education and Training at the NSW Junee Correctional Centre
Bob Semmens Correctional Education for Democratic Citizenship
Helen Kay & Rob Steer Task Training Booklets: Vocational Development Program: Education and Industries Response to Inmates’ Training Needs in NSW Correctional Centres
Stephen Mugford & Jane Christie-Johnston Adult Education for Drink Drivers in Diversionary Conferencing
Ron Wilson & Ken Penaluna Training Pathways in Victorian Prisons: Results to Date
Lynette Ross Point Puer: A Historical Study of the Role of Education, 1834-49
David Denborough Teaching Prisoners a Lesson?
Michael Airton Cognitive Skills as Queensland Corrective Services Commission Core Program
Bonita Byrne Provision of Aboriginal Education in Correctional Centres – Central West NSW
Lindy Cassidy A look at how and what works in TAFE NSW provision to inmates in Correctional Centres
 Sandy Cook & Michael Dutton “What can be learnt from what the West won’t learn …. “
 Liu Chenggen Promote Community Development, Control Serious Repeat Offences
Wang Wensheng Juvenile Offenders and Penal Trials
Li Shi Feng Based on Education, Aiming at Training: Theory and Practice of Educating and Training Juvenile Delinquents for Employment
Liu Yao-Hua, Tan Pu & Lui Rui-Feng On Work – Study Education
 Liu Jingchun Crimes by Youth Against Youth: The Character, the Causes and some Potential Counter Measures
Zhang Peitian The Corruption of Chinese Prison Staff and its Effects on Criminal Re-Education
 Mai Linhua A Brief Introduction to Education within the Chinese Penal System