Unlocking Doors – Rebuilding Lives Through Education (2003)


Speakers Paper
John D Anderson Culturally Competent Collaboration
Janet Baker Expanding opportunities for prisoner higher education through Open Learning Australia
Jane Bartier Investigation of reporting and evaluation mechanisms
Anthony Becker Voicing the Goal: Creating Resources and Building Community
Heather Bedell Correctional Education Association LINCS Special Collections, Correctional Education
Rhonda Booby & Jo McAlpin “What works”: a New South Wales Correctional Perspective
Maureen Boswell Pre-release Program: What works? Jobs for the Boys
Lisa Cornelius  Corrections Victoria Koorie Employment, Education and Training Strategy
Glenn Dawes  Mentoring as a Program for Reducing Recividism among Young Offenders
Caroline Dean & Jonathan Field Building Lives through an Artistic Community
John-Finney Dodla A pre-release career and pathways transition program 
Marilyn Dorman &
David Bull
Aligning educational needs with institutional priorities
Ray Dormer & Julie Whalen An Almost Incredible Academy”- The Boys Prison on Point Puer
Carolyn Eggleston The need and value of correctional education – why it is important
Neville Field Quantum Leap? Sudden Great Advance
Doris Fortin The Canadian model of offender intake assessment and referrals to education programs 
Thom Gehring Why Educate Inmates?
Anne Gilmour, Christine Laird & Ray Chavez Showcase correctional education innovation in WA
 Associate Professor Joe Graffam & Lesley Hardcastle Attitudes toward employability 
Mark Jones  What to do? Curriculum design for a highly transitory juvenile detention population
Jo-Anne Kelly Capacity building around a new correctional centre
Richard Krogh & Lola Krogh Restructuring! Reculturing! Generating Change! 
Violeta Patachaite & Rimvidas Kugis Education and vocational training in the penitentiary institutions of Lithuania
Loretta Perry, Sally Grant, Italia Taka, Catherine Phillips &Tracey Hughes Youth Justice
Heather McEvoy Literacy: The key to unlock the doors
Adrian McMillan  Creative arts vision for corrections education
Julie Pramanik & Dr Shefali Rovik Debating the “what works” and welfare reform agendas for juvenile offenders
Pam Puusaari  A cultural & linguistic needs assessment of women from non-English speaking backgrounds 
Jill Robertson Encouraging the development of employability skills for life in the 21st century
Louise Robinson   Lifelong learning and policy changes for all offenders in England and Wales
Lynn Robson & Lance Stone Post Release Employment Assistance Service (EAS)
Tony Roper  Association for the Protection and Assistance to the Condemned Program
Alison Stanley  The new active participation model and linkages between job network and state government programs
Jo-Anne Kelly & Chris Sylva Draft implementation plan for TAFE NSW provision for Aboriginal offenders
Brett Thomson & Sue Clifford Integrating training and production in corrections industries
Sharryn Usher  The news on adult learning principles and offenders
Gerri Walker & Peter Harvey  Connected pathways through partnerships