Learning for new life: not just doing time (2001)


Speakers Paper
Alex Karpin Teaching Literacy to Aboriginals through Art
Alison Jones Driver Education Program
Alison Lynch &
Louise Lynch
Aboriginal Peer Mentoring: Teaching a Social Support Strategy
Anita Wilson Reading a Library – Writing a Book
Bruce Smith Credit Transfer and Articulation
Carmel Brown Where the Boys Are
Cheryl Wiltshire Integrated Literacy: Making it Work
Christine Fitzgerald Integrating Indigenous Education in the Northern Territory
Debbie Harris  Delivering the Responsible Service of Alcohol course in a Correctional Centre
Elisa Nigro CRC Justice Support Information Disk & Pre Release Package
Freddie Brincat &
David Lochhead
Jobnet Flexi Program
Gareth Seymour Rehabilitative Approaches for Maori and Pacific Island Inmates
Gerlad Murphy Athlete Development Australia
Helen Morgan Traineeships Offered Jointly by AEVTI and CSI
Jan Birmingham Wherefore Art Thou Literacy dot com
Jeanette Cupitt Vocational Program in a Maximum Security Centre
Jean-Michel Mertz Exclusion / Imprisonment / Exclusion: A Vicious Circle?
John Murray Care Leavers of Australia Network
Judy McDermott Hanging Around: The Artist and the Inmate
Kerry Waters  Self Empowerment: Seeing the Possibility for a New Life in just 5 weeks!
Laurie Fraser Synectic Methods in Vocational Education and Training in Prison
Louise Lynch &
Betty Champion
Coorong Tongala
Marc De Maeyer Prison, Education and the Market
Margaret Goninan Effective Education for Inmates with Intellectual and/or Psychiatric Disabilities
Peter de Graaff The Provision of Public Education Within the NSW Correctional System
Dr Pam Johnston  Talking You Talking Me Talking Aborigine
Dr Peter W Harris Changing the Mindset: Going to a position where we have never been
Robert Suvaal New Challenges in Correctional Education
Ron Cox Post Release Employment Assistance Program
Rosemary McConnell  Overview of VET sector
Sally Dabner The Tasmanian Setting
Sandie Jessamine Focussing on Process in Anger Management Groups

Sharryn Usher & 
Rebecca Burke 

Frameworks for Life: A program for Women Offenders
Dr Stephen Black Prisoners, Literacy Practices and Politics
Dr Steve Steurer Three State Recidivism Study
Sue Clifford  Integrating Accredited Training in a Corrections Industry Environment
Dr Sylvia Kleinert Dreaming Inside