Inside Learning for Outside Living (2005)

Keynote Papers

Keynote Address: Kevin Warner (Ireland)
Against the narrowing of perspectives: how do we see learning, prisons and prisoners?

Keynote Address: Des Rogers
Decomplexing Complexities” Facts versus Fiction? Or Reality versus Myths?

Keynote Address: Adrian McMillan
E J Barker Fellowship- Correctional Services of Canada

Keynote Address: Isaac Brown & Constance Bathgate (presentation only)
Literacy & Numeracy: Is it men’s or women’s business?

Speakers Paper
Dr Josie Arnold & Kitty Vigo Taking Virtual Postgraduate Studies to Inside Jail Reality
Steve Barlow ‘Ready, Set, Go: Educating for Good Lives’
Tasman Bedford, Rhyl Dearden & Marilyn Dorman Offender Rehabilitation and Information Literacy
Wallace Blackley Reaching In Stepping Out
David Brown Transitions Program, Maryborough Correctional Centre
Professor Victor Callan & Dr John Gardner Provision of VET in correctional institutions
Lindy Cassidy & Ron Cox ANTA National Project
Madonna Cochrane Interpreters and Sea Dogs: Success of Partnerships
Liz Collyer & Emily Lenton To Be Included, To Be Valued, To Be Considered, To Belong
Peter de Graaff Should Education in Corrections be Publicly Required and Compulsory?
 Dodla John-Finney Is education a necessary/sufficient condition for being crime-free?
 Michael Fewster Thrass Works. Now What?
 Cheryl Gauntlett What Is The Purpose of a Prison Education? 
 Professor Joe Graffam, Ms Alison Shinkfield & Dr Barbara Lavelle Employment and Recidivism 
 Heather Graham & Bob Middleton Developing the Training & Industry Partnerships 
 John Guy  Leadership in Corrections
 Lesley Hardcastle & Joe Graffam Attitudes Toward the Employability of Ex-Prisoners and Ex-Offenders
 Steve Henderson Vocational Education and Training & engagement of young people in Youth Detention
Colleen Henry  The Education Profile Interview (EPI)
 Jan Hill ‘The New Fit’: mainstreamed work/living in Indigenous Communities
James Keeley Transition Planning Based on Research, Program Design, and Dynamic Development
 Mark Jones  What To Do? Curriculum Design for a Highly Transitory Juvenile Detention Population
 Toni Kennedy  Libraries without librarians are just a room full of books
 Christine Laird,
Raymond Chavez  
Melanie Zan
 Maria Leontios  NSW Provision for Aboriginal Offenders Implementation Plan 2004 – 2005
 Kieran McCann, Natasha McCormick, Kerry Delcourt & Kaylene Preston Corrections Education 
 Adrian Mc Millan EJ Barker Fellowship: Correctional Services of Canada
 Janice Navin Key to Knowledge in a Correctional Centre
 Beth O’Brien A Centre for Education, Not just an Education Centre
 Carol Percasky Café Operations Training Program 
 Anita Parancin & Alison Murray  Individual Learning Plans
Des Rogers and Tricia Smith “Decomplexing Complexities”: Facts Vs Fiction or Reality Versus Myths?
 Tony Roper APAC (Communities of Restoration) Faith Based Prison Programs 
 Kathryn Sherer The Intensive Learning Centre: A New Educational Program for Young Adult Offenders 
 Leni Shilton Words through the Wire: Creative Writing on the Inside
 Angela Pattison & Rosemary Smith  123 BIG Mob!
 Dr. Pamela Snow & Professor Martine Powell Oral language deficits and the young offender 
 Stephen Steurer CEA LINCS Special Collections and Online Course
 Christine Sylva TAFE NSW provision for Community Offender Services
 Tony Thorpe Remote Delivery: Not Just Education Work!
 Kevin Warner Against the Narrowing of Perspectives
 Joan Dennis & Julie Whalen An Overview of Indigenous Women in Correction