Connecting Offenders – Education, Training & Employment

Keynote Presentations

Anita Wilson (UK) (presentation only)
Against the narrowing of perspectives: how do we see learning, prisons and prisoners?

Keynote Address: Dr Anne Costelloe (Ireland)
Decomplexing Complexities” Facts versus Fiction? Or Reality versus Myths?

Keynote Address: Dr Stephen Steurer (USA)
What has CEA and the USA been up to lately?

Note: All PowerPoint Presentations (PDF Format)

Speakers Paper
David Gould Planning Vocational & Technical Education for Inmates in NSW Correctional Centres
Raymond E Chavez Connecting Offenders to Employment…..
Carol J Lee Boronia Pre-Release Centre for Women (Part A) 
Boronia Pre-Release Centre for Women (Part B)
Susan R Dawe Vocational Education and Training for Adult Prisoners and Offenders in Australia
John Buchanan An Evaluation of Vic. Prison Industries (2006) recommendations for the Future.
Cheryl Wilkinson, Maddy Harford Shaping Innovative Ed. & Training… Offender Learners in ACE
Marie Murfet Culturally Appropriate Services for Indigenous Offenders and Prisoners in VIC.
Jennifer A Taylor Jobs for the Boys
Heather Graham, James McIvor A Learning Community or a Leaning Community
Tracie McPherson Tackling Perception of Employing Women with Criminal Records
Rod Quantock “What Might Have Been …?” ACEA Conference Panel Session 
Melanie Zan KeepYour Culture Keep Your Job: Meeting Family Obligations and Employer Expectations
Catherine L Bird, Wendy Minnis  Vocational Ed. and Training for Offenders with Intellectual Disability
Mark R Liddle Harnessing the Power of e 
Tess Jenkin  Working Out: An Employment and Training Model for VIC. Transitional Prisoners
Tom W Nicholson, Sarah McGregor Lit. Ach., Poor Behaviour, & Offending in Schools. Is There a Link? 
Pam Long, Wendy M Hulls Spit the Dummy 
 Beth C Parnaby Communication, Education and Art. Inmate Exhibitions (Part A) Communication, Education and Art. Inmate Exhibitions (Part B) 
 Joseph Graffam Creating a Pathway to Reintegration: The Correctional Services Pilot Program in VIC 
Angela Pattison Voices from the Inside (Part A) 
Voices from the Inside (Part B)
 Maria Leontinios, Lawrence Goodstone Pathways into TAFE NSW for Offenders in the Community
 Arve E Asbjornsen Role of Phonological Deficits in Reading Impairments … Prison Inmates in Norway