Offender Recovery, Education, Training and Employment

Conference Program

Keynote Presentations

Opening Address: Marlene Morrison, Commissioner, Queensland Corrective Services

Keynote Address: Dr Carolyn Eggleston, Phd
How Do We Think About Correctional Education, and Why?

Keynote Address: Professor Joe Graffam
Closing the Gap by Enhancing Employment Opportunities for Indigenous ex-prisoners and offenders PowerPoint

Keynote Address: Margaret Browne
Closing the Gap:Bringing it All Together

Keynote Address: Dr Carolyn Eggleston, Phd
Parolee re-entry centre (Power Point Presentation)

Note: Workshop Presentations (Papers) and PowerPoint Presentations (PDF Format)

Speakers Paper Powerpoint
Jenny Roberts Innovation in Vocational Education and Training in Corrections Victoria PowerPoint
Shelagh Trusselle,
Mary Crombie
Addressing Social Changes and Expectations in Educating Females in a Correctional Environment PowerPoint
Gerri Walker, Graeme Clark Making Data Count – How Do We Know We Are Making a Difference With Students? PowerPoint
Sarah Woodland Living Stories: Drama with Women and Indigenous Participants in Two Correctional Sites PowerPoint
Terry Keeley, Suzanne Wilde Changing the Debate in The Law and Order Auction – Education Beats Crime Every Day PowerPoint
Dr.Helen Farley,
Dr. Tasman Bedford, Elizabeth Turley
Using Portable Moodle and eReaders to Enhance Learning at a Distance for Incarcerated Offenders No Powerpoint provided
Scott Hoctor-Turner A Commercial Work Environment in a Women’s Maximum Security Prison PowerPoint
Jack Randell Inside Out: Positive Integration Beyond the Walls Through Visual Arts PowerPoint
Fiona McGregor Teaching for the Way We Learn: Learning Theory, Multimedia Technology and Learners in Custody PowerPoint
Steve Barlow Assessing Offender Readiness for Change PowerPoint
Leanne Rose Value in Investment PowerPoint
Sandra Duncan Reading Together…. Lowering Recidivism Through Strengthening Family Connections in Embedded Literacy Programs PowerPoint
Julie Niblett Outside In – Inside Out – Creating Work Culture in Transitioning Juveniles PowerPoint
Larry Smith,
Kerry Wilson
The Fairbridge Pinjarup Project – Addressing Aboriginal Retention in the Mining Industry PowerPoint
Elizabeth Turley Learning – Pathway to Potential  No Powerpoint provided
Ray Chavez Western Australian Correctional Education, Training and Employment: A Positive Impact on Recidivism Rates No Powerpoint provided 
Ron Fabre Secure Computer and Internet Resources in Prisons PowerPoint
Jeffrey Tinmouth  Positive Behavour for Learning (PBL) in Juvenile Justice Education – The Induna Journey PowerPoint
Mervyn Lea,
Ron Cox 
From Jail to Jobs Project PowerPoint
Lynn Robson, Jodie Anson “Round Peg, Round Hole” – Indigenous Mentoring Program PowerPoint
Anthony Becker Corrective Services’ New South Wales Inmate Computer Network PowerPoint
Petra Burr The Whole Student: More Than Just Literacy and Numeracy PowerPoint
Ruth Link, Michael Stubbins  Building a Better Future with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People through the: Aboriginal and Torre Strait Islander Strategy, The Northern Strategy and the Cultural Intervention Project PowerPoint 
Bruce O’Toole  We Don’t Need No Education, Engaging the Disadvantaged  Powerpoint
Dung Tran, Stacey Turner Services to Support the Successful Reintegration of Ex-Prisoners back into the Community PowerPoint 
Les Elliott, Catherine Franklin Inside Learning for Outside Living PowerPoint
Adrian Carrin, Michelle Enbom Horticulture Employment and Eco-Living Program PowerPoint
Mark Norbury CSNSW Inmate Traineeship Program PowerPoint
Alex Woodcock Improving Access and Achieving Successful Outcomes, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People No Powerpoint provided 
Shane Walden Elementary Construction Courses at Northland Region Corrections Facility PowerPoint