ACEA Conference 2015 – Presentations

ACEA Conference 2015 The Pen, The Hammer or the Mouse – Presentations


Adam Nobilia – Driver Education for Adults with an Itellectual Disability in a Prison

Andrew Jarrett – Prefabricated Modular Cell Project 

Bartlett and Penders – CALM

Bartlett, Huggins and Navin – Building Cornerstones for Foundation Skills 

Caroline Ison and Daniel Reeves – West Kimberly Regional Prison 

Deakin University, University of New South Wales, Edith Cowan University -A Future Beyond the Wall 

Helen Farley – Providing interactive higher education using digital technologies in Australia Correctional Centres 

Jodi Miller – A Bold New World 

K Anderson A Leech – Deadly Driving – Discovering the Wonderful World of Digital Technology in Correctional Education 

Lorna Barrow – The Delivery and Problems Associated with Innovative Learning to the Prison Student Population: Working Towards a Better Outcome

Martin and Barns – Just Sentences

Martin Trotman – QuickSmart: Assisting students to undertake higher-order mental processing by improving their retrieval times

Rachel Bulliff – Embedding Literacy and Numeracy with Priosner Trades Training 

Rachel Bulliff – Secure Online Learning in New Zealand Prisons 

Ron Wilson – Prisoner Education reform and Recidivism 

Sarah Duncan – Standing on Solid Ground

St Heliers Corrections – Gundi Program Remote Housing Project

Stavroola Anderson – Features and Correlated of Language Deficits in Young Offenders