IFEPS – The Faculty of Education at Melbourne University, through its Department of Education Policy and Management, is the designated affiliate of the International Forum on Education in Penal Systems (IFEPS).

The purpose of the Melbourne IFEPS is to bring together academics, policy-makers, and practitioners in the correctional field to:

  • form a network for the conduct of specific research projects
  • collect and disseminate ideas, materials, and research reports relevant to the field of education in penal systems, particularly program development and its relationship to mainstream education, employment, and community-living issues.

IFEPS is interested in other social issues to the extent that they impact on education in penal systems.

The Melbourne IFEPS has a steering committee composed of academics, policy-makers, and practitioners in education of adult and youth in detention and community correctional programs. The steering committee was Melbourne-based and members were encouraged to contact steering committee members in relation to national or state/territory issues about which the IFEPS network should be informed, develop a policy position, or take a research interest.