Business Plan (2001 – 2005)

ACEA – An ACEA business plan will be developed during 2006.

IFECSA – business plan

Scope of Vision

  • To identify, disseminate and promote best practice in corrections education
  • To encourage, initiate and support research in corrections education
  • To advise auspicing agencies and government agencies on policy and practice in corrections education
  • To nurture linkages between IFECSA and adult and juvenile corrections education agencies
  • To advocate for effective resource allocation for corrections education


IFECSA believes in the intrinsic good of education. The following values underpin the planning, promotion and implementation of corrections education.

  • Lifelong learning
  • The centrality of education for rehabilitation
  • The right of access to community accredited education for all – including prisoners and offenders

IFECSA believes in cooperative problem solving through:

  • International research projects
  • Dissemination of information on corrections education
  • Conferencing on educational issues and programs
  • Networking and consulting for best practice in corrections education

Key Functional Areas

  • Research corrections education issues
  • Analyse current and future corrections education issues
  • Disseminate correctiona education issues to policy makers, administrators and practitioners in Australia and overseas
  • Identify and promote good corrections education practice

Business Goals

IFECAS will establish links with key national and international agencies such as:

  • Correctional Education Association (CEA)
  • European Prison Education Association (EPEA)
  • Canadian Association
  • International Centre for Prison Studies – London
  • Corrections Officers’ Association – USA and Canada
  • National Centre Vocational Education and Research (NCVER)
  • South African agency
  • UNESCO Institute for Education
  • IFEPS Centres in the UK, Canada and USA

Be recognised as a primary source of advice to state, territory and federal governments regarding Corrections Education

The following strategies have been identified to support this goal:

  • Providing response to government policies
  • Participate in and conduct consultation forums
  • Provide regular newsletter service to members and to government
  • Conduct regular conferences
  • Conduct regular seminars

Establish independent and sustainable business framework

The following strategies have been identified to support this goal:

  • Identification of funding sources through research proposals and other sources
  • Increased liaison linkages with research agencies
  • Registration as an independent agency