ACEA 2017 Conference Conclusion

ACEA Conference 2017 Conclusion

A Word from the Chairperson, Ray Chavez…

“Initial feedback to the ACEA executive on the Canberra conference held from October 3-6 is that participants felt it was a great success! From the international keynote presenters who helped set an informative and entertaining ‘tone’ for the conference, to the individual session presenters, to the food and refreshments provided by the QT Hotel, participants seemed to agree that attending the event was a positive professional experience.
The conference presentations provided a really wide range of topics for people to participate in. The international models of correctional systems in place in Europe, US and Norway made us think why some of their practices and ideas are not being implemented here in Australia. 
Make sure you don’t miss the ACEA 2019 conference which will be held in Melbourne!”