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Adult Prisoner Participation in Education, Training and Employment in Australia, 2008–15

The following report presents a summary of data on the proportion of eligible adult prisoners
who participated in prison industries and in prison education and vocational training in all
Australian correctional jurisdictions in the period 2008/09 to 2014/5. These data have been
accessed from Reports on Government Services (ROGS) prepared by the Australian
Productivity Commission (2010–2016), and from jurisdictional Annual Reports, supplemented
by jurisdictional responses to survey questions about current correctional education, training
and employment programs, and responses to follow-up questions by phone and/or email by
managers of various sections within each jurisdiction. The data provide a snapshot of sector
activity in the seven year period covered by the report and allow comparison between
jurisdictions. Jurisdictional developments with respect to prisoner education, training and
employment subsequent to 2014/15 have been foot-noted.

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